A Robot

Are You More ‘Alive’ Than A Robot

There are many “how-to” articles on the internet.  Many of them are intuitive ones that answer questions.  Some examples are “how to make spaghetti” and “how to grow a fruit tree“.


There are also many that deal with people-to-people interactions, like “how to make friends” or “how to get the man of your dreams” or “how to be persuasive”, and these indirectly say a lot about how people are viewed.  If people are as simple to work with as spaghetti, then that says that there is more of a stimulus-response effect going on than is normally assumed.

A Step Towards Reverse Engineering Life

Very recently, the first synthetic life form was created by Craig V enter and his team, and it was a defining moment in scientific efforts.  This had not been done before.  This says a lot about humanity and what people represent as living organisms.  The way that Dr. V enter speaks about the organism he created is like he is talking about a created computer program.  He talks about it booting up to life and being able to reproduce.  This is a signal that can be taken as a message about our own functioning.

As Dr. V enter and his scientific group work on finding out the smallest amount of necessary genes and elements for creating a reproducing organism, the perspectives of many folks will change.  Many folks are not interested in hearing that their growth and actions are so based off of their own programming.  It is not appealing to hear that so much of our presence is based on stimulus and response patterns related to our genes.

With the research continuing, teams of scientists will slowly be able to create reproducing life of many types, figuring out what genes are necessary for living, and which ones can be added as enhancements, and what we can alter in our own code in the future.

Information Was Placed Into The Code Like In A Program


Dr. V enter and his team also made sure to put in some code into the genetic code of the synthetically created organism they made, including some names and quotes.  The fact that information can be coded into the genetic code shows how far research has come.  This is a big step toward the future where organisms are designed to create compounds which we are able to use, or that produce fuel, or that consume some form of waste, or that consume excess carbon dioxide, or so on.

This Is A Step Towards More

This will also later translate into perfecting the types of organisms we already have, because the potential for certain diseases or afflictions will be removed, and then things that are nuisances will be removed, and this process will continue as each genetic code gets more and more enhanced.  It is somewhat of a form of sped-up evolution.

There are a lot of advertising methods that prey on those who don’t see themselves as being people that mainly follow stimulus-response mechanisms.  When you feel like you are very intelligent, which most do, it is hard to believe that you can be hit by certain triggers that cause you to buy things without thinking much.

This type of discovery means so much because a new age is beginning.  Just as we have had computers and programs and software and viruses, this is the introduction to the age of cellular programs and software and viruses.  While it will take a time to get to the point where ‘cool’ cellular entities are created, a large step has been taken.

Perspective About Life Can Change Often

This information getting out there means quite a bit to me because people will be opened up to a better sense of what life is.  Knowledge opens the mind by clearing up any items that we were wrong about.  It is easy to be against some viewpoint until it is proven that the viewpoint is correct, and then it looks foolish to be against it.  This is what research brings to the table.

The question that is the title of this article is one worth pondering.  Again, I would say, no advertiser would even hint at this, because much of advertising tries to give the notion that people have so much life and are at the beach and so on, in order to sell product, when actually every step of the commercial or advertising is engineered to acquire purchases from the customers as though they were robotic.

I may have rambled a bit here but I wanted to get some of my thoughts across.