Being Ahead vs. Being Behind

There is a huge difference between feeling ahead of people in a certain category versus feeling that you are behind the average person in that category.  This separating point can be the difference between being motivated to continue and being continually frustrated.  There are two parts to the description of this: preventing getting behind where it matters and coping with being behind if already in that state.


Taking Action Is Synonymous With Being Ahead

When you are ahead of the average person in a category, you set the tone.  Is a person pro-active because they are ahead of the pack, or are they ahead of the pack because they are proactive?  This question does not need to be answered because the valuable point is that there is a direct connection between being ahead and pro-activeness, and taking action is the only part that you have control over.

Getting Ahead Has To Come From You

Being ahead of the average person in some aspect can provide a positive feeling with respect to how others then treat you.  A key point to notice is that others will slightly commend you for being ahead, but will not push you to remain ahead.  This is something that is often not noticed until you are no longer ahead.  Being ahead of 40 others means that 40 others are wanting you to slow down.  You may get some slight support at that time, but you will not get enough support to stay ahead if you don’t supply the majority of it.  If you then start to get behind, you may start to get pity and support from others, but it will be just enough to seem respectful.  Also, some may not even provide you that, and you may not hear from them again.

It’s Lonely Up There

When they say that the top people in a field are “alone at the top”, they mean it in this sense.  They are alone in providing their own effort and results to maintain their position.  Any top member of a field knows that their production has to come from the inside out, as opposed to being motivated by supporters, because the motivation from supporters will never be enough on its own to keep someone at the top.

No Need To Showcase Being Behind

It is said that one wanting to be successful should “fake it until you make it”.  This also applies when you have gotten behind.  If you are behind the pack, but act and take risks as though you are ahead of or in line with the pack, you will return to a propitious state much sooner than if you first broadcast to the world that you are falling apart.  Also, competitors will repeatedly bring up that you fell apart at one point, in order to reduce your forward momentum.

Use An Area Of Domination To Prop Up An Area That Is Lacking

Another aspect of this dichotomy is that while you may be behind in one aspect, you may also be ahead in another.  Take the item you are ahead in and present it


, and use any energy/motivation you get from that to boost your efforts in the aspect you are behind in.  Some would say that you should only focus on your areas of strength, in order to boost them to indomitable levels; while this can be a victorious way to go, it tends to be the case that a little effort put towards something you are currently behind in can get you to a satisfactory point

in that aspect, so that you can cross it off in your mind as


, and then work on that which you are ahead in.

The take-home task here would be to

  1. check where you are ahead and where you are behind
  2. think a bit about how people treat you in each category, and
  3. think how you would be


    if you went from ahead to behind in some category

This can help you to get more in line with


about where your support actually is.