Home Made Stuffed Keema Naans Recipe with Air Fryer

welcome back to another session of cooking with technology using Phillips where each one of you can be super chef. Dear friends I hope you are enjoying our cooking with Philips today I am very happy to show you another fantastic recipe keema naan and the dough is also very easy to make and the mixture also so first let me show you how to make the dough, first take half a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of yeast, add milk and some water and just mix this yeast make sure that the water is slightly warm.

Keema Naans Recipe

So that the yeast becomes very active in this we’re going to add some yogurt and mix this once the yeast is all nicely mixed we’re going to add some oil just one teaspoon of oil and also pinch of salt should be good enough ok mix all of this and in this we’re going to add flour you know all-purpose flour to make this into it soft dough so we’re going to make it just like how we make our pizza dough so it is very easy just add the flour and once you make this into a nice soft dough we are going to let this dough rest for around 40 minutes and then we are going to make our keema naan,

You know just make the dough and we are going to let this dough rest for at least 40 minutes now you know the dough is all ready but we want to have an awesome mixture to spread it on the naan to make our keema naan’s so here i have got nice lean minced meat in this i’m going to add all the rest of theingredients chopped onion, garlic, ginger you know finely chopped ginger and garlic.

I always prefer to show you guys to add chopped ginger and garlic because sometimes you have not so fresh ginger garlic paste that can ruin your specially meat kebabs or meet mixtures so in this add chopped green chilli, chopped bell pepper, chopped coriander, chopped mint you know standard in any of the Indian meats especially when you make keema add little of it in this add chili powder, pinch of garam masala this is optional and in this add some chopped tomato and also because i have taken very lean meat.

I want to add some cream to it okay that’s it and now i am going to add pinch of salt and you know if you want to add pepper you can add but red chili should be good wow this is definitely some additional flavor now you know make sure you mix this mixture fine because this is going to go on top of the naan what I am going to make in the Philips air fryer.

The mixture is all ready finish it off by adding little bit of lime juice and mix it one more time now I’m going to pull out the dough and shape our naans so here i have got rested the dough for 30 minutes so take some flour and just divide them into very small naan ok just the size of the puri dumpling and then we will convert them into very simple beautiful naans but after making this dumpling also just rest it for you know five minutes because if you have messed it with the gluten again.

It will be little difficult to stretch just take the dough and coat it with little bit flour ok then roll it just the way you do pooris okay that should be good and just hold it stretch it a little bit and leave it here ok look at it don’t they look nice and now i am going to show you how to put the meat mixture on top of it,

once they are ready just give little bit of egg wash okay so that the mince meat gets stuck to this dough just little bit of egg wash that’s it take this mincemeat okay just put it on top of the naan mixture I love to add lot of meat but you know you should not exceed more than you know small quantity here that should be good so if you have your guests come they will thoroughly thoroughly enjoy it now take the spoon and just spread it little bit onto the edges okay as simple as this okay just try and see the maximum you coat it they look good okay.

you have you looked at it the naan getting nice coating of keema you can make these naans even moreexciting if you want you can also gratesome cheese on top look at it just position the cheese on top and you havethese ready okay this is going to be toogood yeah that’s it and now i am goingto preheat the air fryer at 200 degreecentigrade for around 3 minutes afterpreheating for three minutes just pullthe basket out and now you know justtake carefully these nuns and arrange it on the basket okay and it will be ok buttry not to overload too much and okaythat should be good now just add little bit of oil on top of your naansand let them go fry in Philips airfryerfor around seven minutes now after around five or six minutes.

You know your naam will be super ready okay look at them wow each one of them will look extraordinarily good and wow look at these just look at these awesome freshly made you know homemade keema naans okay and each one of them is super tasty just let it cool down little bit because they are super hot and then enjoy just look at them nicely colored and evenly cooked and you don’t need anything for this.

You don’t need any accompaniment to eat this but hot chili sauce will be great; wow I am telling you, you can make them so easily without mess, each bite super heavenly; dear friends keep trying and keep watching our episodes of cooking with Phillips and technology but try them then you will know how easily you can enhance your life by using technology see you bye bye hmm Innovation and you Phillips.